Austin mural advertisement campaign in Texas.  As part of Insight Global‘s nationwide campaign, we have been partnering with D&S Co. to hand paint murals in various markets across America.  We recently painted a mural advertisement with them in a high profile location on the Venice Beach boardwalk.  However, this time we setup an awesome wall location in Austin, Texas.

Austin Mural Ad Wall Painting

Texas Mural OOH Advertisement

We noticed that a lot of Californians have been moving to the state of Texas.  Therefore, Austin has been a top destination of a lot of the younger millennials.  As a result, this location was a great target market for our client.  We expect the economy to rebound after a rough year of Covid.  In addition, finding the right talent for job positions will be a tedious task.  Since so many people have experienced the work from home mentality, we are spreading out of cities and back into cities with more open space.  It will be a challenge but we are excited to adapt with the times.

All Grit Austin - Street Art

We painted a design that was created by the client.  The artwork was a gritty, yet heartfelt message to Austin after their recent power outages due to an unexpected snowstorm.  Our artists replicated the design using a mix of spray paint and latex.  The textured gritty overspray was the perfect effect for spray paint.  In addition, we helped the client capture a time lapse as well as some drone shots that incorporated the Austin skyline.

Austin Mural Advertisement - Hand Painted

Austin Mural Advertisement / Texas Walls

For Austin mural advertisements, we have an inventory of various walls in the city that can be used for temporary mural campaigns.  Usually, these murals stay up for 4 week flights but they can be extended based on the content and campaign.  Thanks so much to our local ICU artists for turning this project around so quickly.

Austin Mural Advertisement - Hand Painted

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