Mural on Car. For this year’s 2015 NY International Auto Show we worked with Acura on painting their new TLX model. The event was live at the Jacob Javits Convention center in NYC. As with most convention centers, we weren’t allowed to use spray paint inside. To accommodate, we were able to use brushes, acrylic paint and also paint markers. We painted for 3 days throughout the show to complete the NYC themed graphics. Check out some photos of the finished product below:

Mural on car - NY Acura Graffiti

First, we painted the orange tonal background. Then we applied the building shapes and graphic identity. We finished our mural on car by detailing the windows and also adding outlines. The TLX art station definitely stood out from the rest of the stations at the show!

Mural on car - NY Acura Graffiti

The Statue of Liberty sets the New York City skyline apart from other cities.

NY Acura Graffiti on Car

The New York Acura Dealers Association mural on car for this year’s auto show.

mural on car - NY Acura Graffiti

The Brooklyn Bridge spans most of length of this TLX. The silhouette contrasts against the lighter greyscale of the buildings. We look forward to working with Acura in the future and also painting more mural on car projects like this one.

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