Whoever thought that motorcross and live art would come together like this? It’s not every day you see a professional street artist tagging right outside a racetrack. However, it’s the 21st century – anything is and should be possible in this line of work! Let’s take a look into how it all went down.

The live show production company, FELD, travels all around the country booking events at road houses and outdoor venues. The Monster Energy Event with Mike’s Hard Lemonade x Supercross in Anaheim was one such event.

FELD’s professional ethos is to take many disparate elements of live entertainment and bring them together to make lasting impressions. Their partnership with us helped extend the mural’s life into numerous markets, as well as other events to come!

Motorcross Live Art Event - Mike's Hard Mural

Graffiti USA Artist

Mural Details

This mural was designed to represent the marriage between the two leading brands – Mike’s Hard and Supercross – and their mutual connection to graffiti artwork. But how did our artist capture the identity of the brand? First, he worked in an outdoor setting. Later, he took a new direction, moving into three dimensional imagery complete with electrifying yellows and lightning bolts! Finally, he placed the Mike’s Hard logo deep into the background made by the 3D effect to finish the energetic backdrop.

Fans connected with our artists painting live and posed with drink-in-hand for the Mikes Hard and Supercross photo moment. At the end of the day, that’s what racing events like this really ought to do. Motorcross live art adds a new spin to the excitement that comes from flying dirt and deafening engines.

Before we go – are you located in Anaheim and you want to see more of our local work before contacting us? Check out this other photo album we made celebrating the many area codes of LA!