Recently, we created a live graffiti canvas piece for a charity event with Sports Art in Los Angeles, CA. Sports Art creates exercise equipment that generates electricity. To support the Make-A-Wish foundation for this event, we created some live interactive art in LA across three canvases. Later, the canvases were split up and auctioned off for the charity.

“SportsArt ECO-POWR™ is the pioneer in green systems. By harnessing the power of bikes and ellipticals, the company helps put power back into the grid. Micro-inverters store energy inside the shrouds, therefore, there are no extra cords or boxes to manage. Once you plug the bikes and ellipticals into the wall, the excess energy goes back into the facility’s power grid. A single workout produces over 160 watts of electricity. Once you multiply that by hundreds or thousands of workouts per day, it is easy to see the type of impact your contribution can make!” (

The skyline graffiti that you see below was the end result of our interactive live art in LA. If you are in need of some art entertainment ideas, Graffiti USA is here to help. Contact us via the info available at the bottom of the page! Then, we will collaborate on a plan that takes street art entertainment to the next level!

Los Angeles Live Artist

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