Local LA graffiti artists for hire. Our client, Bixel & Co is a Destination Management and Event Production company located in Southern California. We had the opportunity to work with one of their major clients, XBOX. We contributed our live artwork to a private event for XBOX employees. In addition, we took over LA Live’s outdoor space for a night of music, food and entertainment in true Los Angeles fashion.

Our goal was to create an organic interactive experience for guests traveling near and far. Furthermore, we wanted to give guests some Local Los Angeles graffiti art culture as they bonded with their colleagues. Our local LA based street artists stepped in to paint large scale murals spanning across 160ft with spray paint. Each artist created a design in their own style reflecting on different aspects to LA. For example, we included scenes from Venice Beach, Hollywood, and the urban DTLA arts district. Furthermore, we had to start with a blank canvas and cover all of this black and white space with color within a few hours.

We encouraged guests to step up the wall and try spray painting themselves! Our fast pace medium and its range in detail and texture caused many guests to stop in amazement. As a result, only some were brave enough to pick up a can for themselves to try the contemporary art. We hope to work with both partners again because the street art event was a blast!

Local LA Graffiti Artist Painting

Interactive Graffiti Mural in DTLA

Freestyle Graffiti Mural in Downtown LA

Interactive Guest Graffiti Participation

LA Live Staples Center Live Graffiti

Los Angeles Graffiti Company

Live Art at LA Live by Local Graffiti Artists

Live Art by Local LA Artists

Our Los Angeles based graffiti company provides fast paced solutions for entertainment.  We provide a service where you can hire a muralist for every type of event.  Our street art professionals guide you through our streamlined process to make sure you have a successful activation.  In addition, we also offer graffiti workshops of all kinds in the Los Angeles area  For example, we have hosted everything from art team building events to interactive coloring wall canvases.  Most importantly, we aim to partner with local LA graffiti artists for all projects based in Souther California.

If you would like to work with us on a project, please e-mail art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024