Coming across live artwork in Miami is quite commonplace. However, there are moments few and far between which transform an everyday occurrence into a proper spectacle. Graffiti USA is a professional street art company dedicated to creating something special for our clients. That said, let’s take a look at a local example!

Invesco teamed up with the Nasdaq-100 to launch QQQ, an exchange traded fund product informing the average investor about top performing stocks. During a weeklong conference in Miami, we participated in the waterfront festivities. A creative theme made specifically for that Tuesday evening was the phrase “Possibilities are Everywhere”. Following this theme, we made an 8’x8’ nighttime cityscape – which you can see in the photos below!

Possibilities are Everywhere Mural

Live Artwork in Miami - 1

Live Artwork in Miami - 2

Invesco’s corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. As a special thank you, we reproduced the live artwork in Miami on a slightly smaller, 5’x5’ ready to hang, stretched canvas.

In both versions, we added a few easter eggs! Mostly, these hidden features consist of keywords associated with the investment industry. Do you think you can find them all? (Hint – pay attention to the lights.)

In conclusion, we are proud to provide Invesco with fantastic live artwork in Miami and fantastic private artwork in Atlanta. We certainly hope to work with this company sometime soon. In the meantime, we would like to invite you to collaborate with us on future live art events. Here’s another article we made discussing a similar event in Miami!