We worked with Fusion MD to create some live art during the CHEST 2016 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.  The event was to discuss and raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis (NCFB.)  At the event, our artist created a live piece behind the scenes based on patient discussions.  None of the audience members knew there was an artist behind a curtain painting the graffiti style art live.  For this project, rather than spray paint, the artist used brush and acrylics since it was an indoor event.  After the panel, the curtain opened to reveal a completed piece.  Our artist left a border around the artwork for the audience and patients to sign.  The street art piece was then used to create prints to be distributed to the audience members.  Check out some photos of the completed artwork below:

Helping Patients with Art

Graffiti for Medicine

Completed Pharma Event Art

Pharma Event Artwork

Graffiti Art on Canvas for Fusion MD

Live Art on Canvas

Fusion MD Live Artist

Guy Ellis Live Art for Fusion MD

Patients Signing Artwork

Patients Sign Artwork

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