Our sister company Klughaus recently partnered with the One Thousand Birds Interactive team to create an interactive mural for an investment company called Lyrical Asset Management.  For this project, Seb Gorey created some artwork in collaboration with the technology provided by OTBi to create a piece that triggers sounds from a built in speaker in the canvas.  The video below illustrates the painting process along with the finished product. Check out how people can use the mural as an instrument itself to compose their own music in real time!

This is an awesome product that merges technology with art and provides an interactive element for events.  The OTBi technology can have many applications including music festivals, live events, trade shows, and decor for offices.  There are many customizable functions including changing the output to external speakers, sound samples, the numbers of sensors and size of the canvas.  Contact us if you have any questions and have interest in creating a sound mural together!

Below are some images of the completed mural for this project by Seb Gorey. Note that we can apply all the different styles in our portfolio for this interactive sound mural product as well.

Mural detail for interactive art

Make live music through mural

Interactive touch mural

More about the client:

“At Lyrical Asset Management, we are fundamental value investors. The combination of value investing with quality and analyzability distinguishes the Lyrical investment program. We believe our hallmarks – value, quality, and analyzability – create a resiliency in our portfolios. Our sole aim in crafting our investment program is to maximize long-term investment returns. Lyrical employs a repeatable process to identify undervalued securities. We believe we have engineered our investment program to create the greatest likelihood of success.” – Lyrical Asset Management Website

Here’s some more screen grabs from the video above of the interactive element of someone touching the mural to trigger sounds and create music:

Mural Sound Art - Interactive

OTBi trigger sounds on mural

For project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024