Ohio graffiti workshop demonstration in Cleveland with CWRU.  The University Program Board at Case Western Reserve University invited us out to Cleveland, Ohio for an event.  We painted some live custom graffiti lettering on their campus.  In addition, we were encouraged to allow students to participate in the mural that spelled out CWRU.  Fruthermore, we added in a cartoon spartan character (their school logo.)  We also setup an additional canvas for students to try painting on their own and they had a great time doing so!  Check out some of the photos from the event below:

Case Western Reserve Mural

The completed piece above that the school was able to keep and showcase on their campus.  We were able to rig the unstretched canvas onto an existing structure on campus.  In addition, we used makeshift shopping bags to create sandbags to keep the canvas tight.

Custom Canvas for Street Art in Cleveland

The following photographs courtesy of UPB at CWRU.  We also customized some blank t-shirts that students came to us with.  We had a great time demonstrating how spray paint can be used to create graffiti art.

Cleveland Graffiti Artists Paint Canvas on Campus

The students at CWRU got a chance to do some spray painting of their own and help out with the mural.  It’s rare that people have the chance to use spray paint on a large scale and not get in trouble!  Therefore, students have a fun time during these Ohio graffiti workshops.

Ohio Graffti Workshop - Art Demonstration on Campus

Cleveland Graffiti Workshop with Students

Thanks again to Denise at UPB (CWRU) for organizing this event!

For Ohio graffiti workshop project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024