Athlete mural portraits are everywhere, because graffiti artists are just as loyal to their sporting icons as anyone else! LA-based production company Bright Bay Creative sought out Graffiti USA, asking for a unique solution for a graffiti backdrop.

Caffeine TV is a live gaming stream on Twitch, featuring NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster as the master of ceremonies. A montage of the Steelers runningback acted as the concept behind the artwork. However, it also needed to feature JuJu as a gamer as well as pro athlete.

We worked with the client’s size needs and came up with this athlete mural portrait. In the art world, a 3 panel canvas like this is known as a triptych. The panel on the left focuses solely on Smith-Schuster’s status as a pro athlete. Next, the middle panel acts as Caffeine TV’s specific branding imagery. Finally, the panel on the right is a close-up portrait of Juju with his head in the game. Well – virtually speaking.

From start to finish, we found this to be one of the most fun projects we’ve done in a while. We want to thank Bright Bay Creative for giving us this fantastic opportunity. Furthermore, we want to give our love to Pittsburgh for responding so well to our work! Check out pics of the artwork on set!

3-Panel Tryptich for Caffeine TV

Juju Smith-Schuster Athlete Mural Portrait

Juju Caffeine TV Branding

Juju Gamer Portrait

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