Digital Street Art. We were recently challenged to create a digital design used to promote the second season of Amazon’s original series Goliath. The award-winning production, design and animation agency We Are Royale turned to us for expertise. They looked to our team to source an artist that would help create a fresh look to their next campaign. Part of the criteria was portraiture capabilities and LA flair, and we filled the need. Our artist created a digital street art campaign poster for the show’s character, Marisol Silva. The artwork direction called for an iconography filled representation of Marisol’s world. This included Los Angeles, politicians, hispanic heritage, and also a hint at her duplicity – we’d say we hit it right on the nose!

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Digital Street Art

The work in place on the street.

Digital Street Art

The work in circulation also on Ana’s Instagram page. Vote Goliath!

Also above is a clean copy of the file that we provided for the experiential agency and show’s producers. We look forward to working with We Are Royale, Amazon, Goliath & also Ana de la Reguera again in the future !