Graffiti US recently partnered up with Make Offices once again! Adding to our collection of DC office murals is this latest series, made for their new coworking & shared office space location in Dupont Circle.

While the content for each location’s mural is always different, the winning recipe remains the same. Handcrafted, chalk inspired murals highlight unique landmarks, touching upon each neighborhood’s rich history.

We divided the oil bar murals we made throughout the two stories of the building we worked in. Starting on the bottom floor, you can see a mural of the Dupont Metro escalator. Above, you can see a neighborhood scene with more of the district’s iconic landmarks.

Our team designed the mural to maximize and highlight the space’s circular staircase and industrial ceilings. Additionally, we wanted to create the feeling of exiting a subway as you go up the staircase. We found a solution by leaving certain sections of the mural uncolored. The outdoor section leaves the sky fully colored, whereas other natural elements are in monochrome. Finally, the urban activity appears completely colorless.

This three-tier system maintains the balance between the buildings architecture and the artwork itself. As a result, we consider this series of DC office murals a well-earned accomplishment. Check out the photos we took of the end result! If you like what you see, contact is via the information at the bottom of the page!

dc office mural make offices dupont square

oilbar dc office mural dupont square

washington dc office mural oilbar

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