To make a fantastic sports marketing mural in NYC, you will need an encyclopedic knowledge of two very distinct cultures. Furthermore, you will need the business savvy necessary to make sports and art appealing to potential clients. So – how do we do it?

Wheat paste murals are the best way to create highly detailed interior artwork. This technique became popular through commercial bill posters, activists, and various subculture proponents since the nineteenth century. During the 1990’s, this billing technique became popular among NYC street artists. These artists sought low cost alternatives to traditional materials like stencils, which are made of heavy-duty plastics. As a result, spreading poster work throughout the city became easier as wheat paste became more accessible.

Over the past few months, Graffiti USA made something new for a workspace in Tribeca. The general idea was to create a poster collage for two separate office bathrooms. Iconic magazine covers featuring sports and entertainment stars served as the primary images. Thanks to digital editing made during the pre-production stages, our artists transformed the original images into a B&W version.

Sports Marketing Mural

Tribeca Interior Art

NYC Wheat Paste Mural

Black and White Sports Artwork

Stars of Sports & Entertainment

Sports marketing murals in NYC are raw, yet polished. We are happy that our approach to office wheat paste installation was exactly what this space needed. There is nothing quite like a collage of black & white wheat-paste posters to capture the past. Thanks to our collaboration, this Tribeca work space now contains the spirit of the City it so rightfully deserves!

We love creating wheat paste murals, due to the incredible versatility of the art styles we can make with it! If you like what you see, check out some more of our local work in wheat paste artwork here!