Make Offices partnered with the Graffiti USA team once again! This time, it’s for their two new co-working & shared office space locations in Dupont Circle, D.C. and Market St., Philadelphia. Even though the content for each installation differed from one another, the winning recipe remained the same. Both teams created hand-crafted, chalk style murals, both of which highlight unique landmarks and neighborhoods.

For the Philadelphia murals, we furnished the pantry area with a mural that seamlessly cuts across various surfaces. Later, we supplemented the space with a map in chalk style mural form, complete with landmark callouts. Continue scrolling down the page to see the results for yourself!

On close inspection, it is easy to see how color creates great effects with oil-bar painting techniques. Not only is texture highly present in the building, but consistency is also present in the sky and the clouds. The use of pastels heighten the character in ways both rudimentary and precise. Further proof of this is clearly visible in the maps. Arguably, these illustrations appear to have been made by colored pencil, instead of spray paint.

The series of murals have become a major asset in the identity for each location Graffiti USA offered services, as well as the Make brand in general. If your company or non-profit organization needs distinctive artwork, like this mural with chalk, find our contact info below the following images!

oil bar mural philadelphia skyline

chalk style mural


oil bar mural philadelphia map

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