A unique office mural was what a  local NYC agency was searching for when they reached out to us.  They hired our mural company to design a custom mural for their new Flatiron space. The inspiration behind the office mural was revealing the creative personality of the brand.

“Text100 is a global marketing communications agency. We know technology and how it changes lives – it’s what makes us wired differently.”

Our approach was to create a well-balanced design. First, we focused on creatively incorporating the company’s logo.  Then, we chose to add their slogan “Wired Differently” in the artwork.  Finally, utilizing the client’s brand colors and subtle NYC icons, we tied the work together.  By doing this, employee and clients could see how their agency was unique.  Clients and employees walking into the office space had a new first impression.  In conclusion, the impact of the mural showed that this was a leading agency.  This office mural’s goal – inspiring work and separating the business from their competition.

Now, a look at the final product.

Office Mural in NYC

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New York Mural Company

New York Mural Agency

Overall, we are happy with the outcome and results of this office mural. We are looking forward to another opportunity to show off our Graffiti Artist’s skills in future projects. For project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net. On the other hand, feel free to call 646-801-6024!