Recently, our Atlanta mural artist worked in collaboration with Frankel Media. During that time, we helped transform Nextran’s Trucking Industry Corporate Office space into a relaxing and inspiring setting for its employees.

Nextran hired us to create a large interior mural that contains its brand values, and respectful of the office’s design. Furthermore, they expressed a desire to offer their technicians a break room they could feel comfortable in.

After consulting with the client, we decided to adopt a simplistic and modern approach. As a company, Nextran dedicates itself to the sale and servicing of trucks. Many of the rigs driving across the country come into contact with Nextran’s services in some way.

Therefore, we wanted to tie American patriotism deep into this mural. Our logistics system is an under-represented aspect of our nation’s industry. Hence, we thought it best to reflect that strength in Nextran’s company and its employees.

The client was extremely pleased with the Atlanta mural artist’s take on the bald eagle. The eagle graffiti design we created works well alongside their company motto “We Work As One.”

If you are hard up on interior mural ideas, but you still want one for your own business, contact Graffiti USA today! Before you do, however, check out photos of the completed work below! The contact info you need is at the bottom of the page.

Trucking Office Mural

Graffiti Artist for Hire Atlanta

Atlanta Graffiti Detail

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