Recently, our corporate client in Denver, CO (Convenience Valet) wanted to get a little creative. They thought their conference room walls needed sprucing up, filled with things they usually see outdoors. Naturally, they thought of a Colorado landscape. Once they contacted us with the idea, we created this Denver landscape mural for them.

Graffiti USA took inspiration by photos of the clients’ backyard. In this scene, we see snow-capped mountains, evergreens, and wildflowers across the horizon. Interestingly, our artist is a lifelong resident of Colorado. As a result, he didn’t need to imagine very much. He captured the scenery with spray-paint, but his undying love for his home state is the material that truly makes this mural a success.

It is hard to think of the Denver landscape mural we made as a piece of corporate office art. Because of this, we believe that the employees at Convenience Valet will appreciate the nature views during their many meetings!

Colorado is a state that has scenery unparalleled to the rest of their side of the Divide. Therefore, we want to offer more of that scenery to other clients just like this one in the months to come. Do you like what you see? Contact us via the information below the images and we’ll see if we can make something work for you!

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