Chicago Mural Company. A graffiti collage mural painted for award winning marketing agency Fusion 92.  Fusion trusted Graffiti Arts to connect them with an artist. An artist that met their creative vision. In addition, someone who can capsule the youthful and curious spirit of the company.

After our comprehensive review, we partnered them with a talented local graffiti artist. The artist designed a collage of the phrase “Be Curious.” The end result was a typographic explosion. Obviously focused on layers of traditional graffiti letters and the artist’s abstract pattern work. A bright color palette was chosen for the piece by using the company branding guide.  The artist also incorporated some complimentary colors. Clearly displaying a punchy color combo to bring the the mural to life.

As a Chicago Mural Company we connect businesses with local artists. Besides the work in our portfolio as proof, you’ll find numerous satisfied clients. Make sure to read the testimonies on the homepage. Along with helping guide you to an often understood art, we will also ensure the mural reaches your goals.

Chicago Mural Artist
Be CURIOUS is the focus of the collage. In addition, a Fusion 92 shout was woven into the design.

Chicago Mural Artist

Graffiti Collage

Graffiti letter close up
Graffiti close up of the letter S.