Chicago interior mural for a corporate office & canvas for a meeting room.  We collaborated with Slate Asset Management on a custom design for these pieces.  Our office mural included iconic Chicago landscapes.  In addition, the image blended into a blueprint design with a map overlay.  We reduced the level of detail of this Chicago interior mural to work with the minimal office design.  Therefore, we worked with a just a few colors to cover a lot of wall space. As a result, the final piece felt light and airy and not cluttered.

Chicago Interior Mural for Office Space

Our artwork pulled in some gray neutral tones from the surrounding environment.  The blues, oranges and teals were pops of colors that really made the artwork come to life.  By giving boring white walls some color, it greatly increases the quality of the work environment for employees.  It goes a long way when you look at the before and after photos of the space.  Art can transform an office into a dynamic, yet soothing place to work.

Chicago Interior Mural for Break Room in Office

Chicgao Themed Interior Mural Art

We painted a custom 3′ H x 6′ W street art style abstract canvas for one of the meeting rooms.  The artwork was based off of a Chicago street scene.  We used a posterized style and kept the colors gray tones per the client’s request.  Therefore, the neutral colors could work with the furniture in any room.  The canvas artwork complimented the custom Chicago interior mural in the employee break room.

Corporate Street Art Canvas in Chicago

The custom Chicago interior mural and canvas are sure to turn heads with clients.  Furthermore, the artwork will stimulate creativity among employees.

Graffiti Canvas in Meeting Room

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