Our Boston mural company worked with ZoomInfo on a graffiti mural installation in their corporate officesThe client reached out to us to create 4 different murals in ZoomInfo’s new office in Waltham Massachusetts.  ZoomInfo knew from the start there were 4 prime areas that had potential for murals. There was a quirky surprise mural on a floor hatch.  A bubble letter graffiti on steel roll doors and a striking superhero pop art wall in the game room. Lastly, a minimal graphic wall with Boston landmarks in the executive dining area.  This company had a clear vision of what they wanted but were flexible to our artist’s execution of the designs. We always appreciate it when clients are open to finding ways to design around the setting.  While designing, we took into account the unique purpose of the each room. You’ll see a spectrum in styles for the 4 walls, but all are fresh, crisp, and bring unexpected pops of bright to the corporate space.

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