One of our Boston mural artists painted a series of murals for Financial wealth management Truview Financials in Middleton, Massachusetts. Our Graffiti Arts’ artist painted two main murals and numerous inspirational quotes throughout the space.

First, our mural artist consulted with TrueView to come up with a theme. This design would need to conform with the rest of their building. As a result, the theme consisted of a more modern look with geometric patterns. The artist used black and white cohesively throughout all of the murals while creatively using purple and blue to stand out!

Most importantly, the main mural was a timeline that featured key Financial and Freedom moments in U.S. history. TrueView Financial’s motto is all about helping you secure Financial Freedom. Consequently, the timeline and moments in the mural tie into this Financial Freedom motto.

In addition to the main mural, our Boston mural artist also designed and painted a mural for the Cafe-themed Break room. So Trueview’s employees can enjoy a nice cup of joe before work or during their break!

Graffiti letters: “What does financial planning mean to you?”

Lastly, our artist included some inspirational questions and quotes to help motivate employees and, most importantly, customers! On the opposite wall is Trueview’s logo.

“What if all this does work?”

Finally, our Boston mural artist’s last quote was split into sections with huge lettering! For example, this inspirational quote is spread out all across the room.

Overall, we enjoyed this fun project for Trueview Financial, and we look forward to creating more projects like it!

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