Black & white mural designed and painted for an office space in Southern California.  We worked with our client KwikCash to create a clean & contemporary mural for their new workspace in Mission Viejo.  Our design was inspired by abstract floral patterns.  Unlike our other murals, we stripped out the color to match the clean aesthetics of their office design.  As a result, it created a bold and impactful piece that still had the dynamic feel of a colorful mural.

Black and White Mural for Office

We filmed a time lapse video of all the prep work and mural painting process that you can watch here:

Simple one color murals like this are traditionally painted with brush. However, we used spray paint to add a modern and more edgy touch to the artwork.  The fine mists and overspray of the paint are more evident in person and give it a hand painted feel.  Otherwise, it would be just as easy to just print this design as a wallpaper.  Sometimes, it’s actually the small, subtle mistakes that give art the human touch!

We don’t usually design or paint such minimal black & white murals but we really loved how this piece came out.  It would be the perfect design to incorporate some projection mapping which we may do in a phase 2 of this project.

Black & White Graffiti Art Mural

We protected the space thoroughly and here’s a shot of the wall BEFORE we painted the artwork on the wall using spray paint.

Before Wall - Black & White Mural for Office

Afterwards, you can see how great the completed mural looks in the clean office space:

B&W Street Art Mural for KwikCash

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