Bike storage room mural painted in New York City. We had the privilege of painting a mixed media street art mural at 1271 Avenue of the Americas which is considered one of the finest examples of modern workplace architecture. As a result, we were honored to paint an interior mural at this location for the client.

Opened in 1959, 1271 was the first expansion of Rockefeller Center across Sixth Avenue. The buildings rich history, various surface textures and underground location helped to serve as inspiration to our design. As a result, we designed and painted an edgy graffiti piece. The commuters placing their bikes in the room would have a fun environment as part of their daily routine.

Non Bike Storage Room Murals – Past Projects

We are the experts when it comes to painting corporate office murals. Similarly, we also paint signage for businesses. For example, check out this graffiti piece we painted for Make Offices in Washington DC. We’ve also done similar projects that incorporated wheat paste into our design like this mural for Gatsby’s Restaurant in New York City. In addition, we have also designed murals for living rooms in residential buildings.

By collaging various elements we were able to achieve a piece of art that was authentic to the space. Grungy, modern, refined and absolutely- New York City! In addition, we are always happy to promote a green commute with bicycles in the city. This was great way to make storage solutions with bike racks a fun place. We can’t wait to see adult bikes and kids bikes in the space and hope that the racks are easy to install! In conclusion, we are really happy with how this bike storage room mural came out.

Bike storage room mural

Grungy Bike Room Graffiti

NYC Office Space Mural

Detail of Wheat Paste

Graffiti Tags Mural Art

If you are ready to hire a graffiti artist to paint a bike storage room, e-mail or call us at 646-801-6024.