Chicago abstract graffiti mural. We had the pleasure of painting an abstract graffiti mural for Travelliance. Travelliance is a travel management company for businesses and also airlines. They were in search of a mural with bold colors in an abstract style. A piece of art that would bring a wow factor to their office, which is located just outside of Chicago.

They were immediately attracted to the artist we pitched during our consultation. The pitch incorporated the indistinct letters ‘TVL’ to form the abstract mural. The install transforms a blank wall to a dynamic, fresh, and raw piece. Our artist’s artwork now brings a contemporary energy to the space. Employees have something interesting to look at while coordinating logistics and hotel accommodations day after day after day!

Our artist created portals in the wall for the letters to move through and live in. THe portals create the illusion of depth and structure that the characters can then reach out from. Having the original wall background color on site for touch ups and elements like this is very helpful. We stayed on brand with the blue from the structural columns also.


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