We really enjoyed creating a wheat paste street art mural recently in Orlando, FL.  We designed this piece with a  theme of vintage punk-rock-grunge band posters. HopDoddy Burger Bar is a new concept restaurant that blends burgers and beer with their own in-house butchery, bakery, and brewery.  They came to us with this concise concept of authentic-looking gig posters on their “Order Here” wall.  As a result, we wheat pasted the prints like you would see on construction walls or at a dive bar. We got into the gritty spirit, creating a raw collage look with high-res color copies and spray-paint. The layout worked very well with the company-designed ad posters for items on their menu. In addition, the scanning, printing, and pasting process during install was very hands-on. We were happy we could make this neat idea into reality.

Wheat paste mural in Florida

Orlando wheat paste mural

Orlando Street Art Agency

Florida Street Art Agency

Florida graffiti agency

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