Minneapolis Graffiti Artist. India based Smaaash is an eatery and arcade with virtual reality games, go-karts, simulated cricket and more. They opened a new location at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN and invited our team of artists to create a mural. We painted a main feature wall next to a go-kart track that is about 70 feet long. We also painted arrows across multiple beams, directing the drivers. Local Minneapolis graffiti artist Dinky Donalds did an amazing job, as usual. Check out some images of the completed work below:

Bloomington, MN Graffiti Artist for Hire

Minneapolis Graffiti Artist

Smaaash branding next to racing icons, helmets, patterns and also the checkered flags!

Minneapolis Graffiti Artist for hire

Irregular shapes create a black light landscape for sharp life-like imagery to slide through. The speedometer at 55 and odometer at 232000 miles are a nice touch in the psychedelic neon landscape.

Minnesota Street Artist

The track lights highlight the palette and hence drove the color selection process. Furthermore, the unique lighting condition creates high contrast graphic opportunities for our Minneapolis graffiti artist.

Minneapolis Graffiti Artist - Bloomington mural

Painted arrows glow on in the black light on the beams overhead.

Bloomington Graffiti Artists

The gradient color fade highlights the curve of the track and also just looks cool.

Minneapolis Graffiti Artist - Mall of America mural

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