Chinese Restaurant Mural for Asian style fare with a cult following. Nothing excites us more than working with brands we love! In this case, we created multiple indoor murals for one of the flagship Xi’an Famous Foods locations. We were already fans of the food there, so it was an honor to work with them on this piece.

The Chinese restaurant mural is located in their Flushing location. The artist used a unique paint style. Spray paint with a splatter effect along with water based paint. Creating a desired effect that feels in line with the brand. The artist’s artwork matched perfectly with the client’s vision. We were able to create a very unique piece incorporating photo references from Xi’an (China) provided by the client. Check out a video of the restaurant mural put together by Tom Gould of the installation and photos of the completed work HERE.

Detail Brush Mural

Restaurant Mural

Restaurant MuralThe artist uses a unique splatter spray paint technique. When added with washed water based paint the style fits the Xi’an style.

Restaurant Mural

Please make sure to check one of the Xi’an locations nearest you. You MUST try the spicy cumin lamb hand-ripped noodles. Labeled as one of the 50 NYC foods you need to eat before you die by Thrillist. You can find a list of their locations here.