Illinois Graffiti Artist. MOD Pizza opened a Machesney Park, Illinois location and our artist installed hand painted and sprayed designs. While most of the work consisted of lettering and graphic-based designs, our artist also did an exceptional job on creating a realistic windstock utilizing their familiarity with both brush and spray paint – looking like it really is blowing in the wind. Another job well done!

Illinois Graffiti Artist Mod Pizza Street Art

Wide shot of the restaurant elements and also the large bottle cap MOD branding.

Illinois Graffiti Artist Mod Pizza Street Art

Close up of the bottle cap for detail, the red contrasts highly with the lighter blue hits. The brick wall provides a nice backdrop for the work as well.

Illinois Graffiti Artist

We continued the on brand light blue for the hand painted welcome messaging. The baby blue is picked up all across the dining room, also in the vintage wooden cladding.

Mod Pizza Street Art

The windsock that we mentioned above can be seen in this photograph. The realism elements work wonderfully together. It is tough to say if these panels are 2D or 3D from the pic. Without the racing stripes, nothing gives it away. The windsock is the last detail on top that puts it over the top!

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