WePositive mural designed and painted for a local non profit.  We offered our graffiti mural services for a good cause.  Our client worked on a surprise makeover for the Joliet, IL Boys & Girls Club.  We wanted to add some finishing touches on this project.  As a result, we had our local artist come create an inspirational mural in their play room with the phrase “Reach For The Sky.”  We gave the artist creative freedom to come up with a positive mural and he did an amazing job.  Check out some photos of the completed mural with the new furniture below:

Joliet IL Graffiti Artist

Our design included a mix of different lettering types to spell out the phrase.  We designed the “H” to be two hands reaching up to grab the stars.  The word “Sky” was spelled out of the tail of a skywriting plane.  In addition, all of the lettering sat on top of a bright abstract orange tone sunset.

Boys & Girls Club Mural

We were very happy with the completed piece and it looked so great in the game room.  We hope that the kids will really enjoy this piece.  Our positive mural had a goal to show that you can make a living doing what you love.  Futhermore, we wanted to let the knows know that they should pursue their passions. In addition, they should live a life with purpose.  We wanted to inspire the kids to reach for the sky!

Joliet IL Inspirational Mural

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