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Mackenzie-Childs, an eccentric boutique specializing in ceramics, enamelware, and other upscale home decor and gifts came to us to help with a pop-up shop they were opening in Georgetown, Washington D.C. With the desire to grab the attention of a new neighborhood, they were looking to transform their ordinary storefront into something extraordinary and noticeable to increase awareness and foot traffic. Our team gave their two-story building façade a complete facelift – painting the entire building with a rich red backdrop, while spray painting a photorealistic image of one of their most popular courtly check enamel tea kettles. The client was thrilled with our professionalism and timely execution and are even consider updating the mural come winter time.

DC Mural Artist for Hire

Washington DC Graffiti Artist

DC Mural Artists for Hire

Street Mural Artist for Hire

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Our latest outdoor mural was painted for an industrial welding supply store in New York City based in Queens. AWISCO reached out to us to create a piece for them that represented their company and employees. The direction ended up being a classic large letter postcard style mural with different imagery within the letters. In addition to an exterior wall painted on a lift, we also created a smaller piece for the interior of their shop.

AWISCO has been New York’s leading welding and industrial supplier for 65 years. AWISCO has welding supply stores throughout New York, New Jersey and Stamford, Connecticut, and delivers industrial gas, specialty gas, and welding supplies to construction sites and machine shops. In addition, AWISCO is now offering our products through our online store.”

Check out some images of the completed installations below:

Queens Outdoor Graffiti Mural

AWISCO Queens Industrial Mural

Queens Outdoor Graffiti Mural

Mural in the AWISCO Parking Lot

Queens Outdoor Graffiti Mural

Shot of the Mural From The Street

Shop Graffiti Mural Canvas

Smaller AWISCO Mural

Shop Graffiti Mural Canvas

AWISCO Hand Painted Sign in Shop

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Romeo Santos recently release his single Héroe Favorito around Valentine’s Day. To promote the record, we painted custom murals in Los Angeles (California), Houston (Texas) and Miami (Florida.) Santos partnered with Marvel to create a super hero version of himself, which was the image interpreted by all of the artists for the murals. All of the artwork was created by local graffiti artists using spray paint. Check out photos of the artwork in each of the cities below:

In Los Angeles, the mural was painted at 2270 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006 by Self Uno and Dcypher. Romeo actually posted a video of the mural in progress:

Romeo Santos mural in LA

Graffiti Superhero Mural

In Houston, Texas the talented Pilot FX created his mural at 3403 Irvington Blvd Houston, TX 77009.

Romeo Santos Mural in Houston

Finally, in Miami, Grab painted this piece in the Wynwood district at: 125 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL. Shortly after he finished, the fans showed up to pose in front of the piece already!

Romeo Santos in Wynwood, FL

Sony Latin Mural - Romeo Santos

Here’s the instagram from the fan in Miami:

Romeo Santos Fan

Check out the video for the single below:

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The wonderful team at Brooklyn based J. Chimerine Plumbing Supply reached out to us to help combat a problem with unwanted tagging on the exterior of their building.  We created two murals, each one was partially sponsored by brands that they carry (American Standard & Gerber).  Working with the client on a general direction, we were able to create two fun pieces of artwork that will hopefully discourage future vandalism.

“Established in 1934 by Joseph Chimerine, our company has continued to be a service oriented wholesaler of plumbing, heating and industrial supplies. Our original location at 782 DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn, New York has become the hub for our customers.”

Check out images of the installations below along with some in action shots of the mural in progress:

Brooklyn Mural Painting Gerber

J Chimerine Plumbing Supply

Roll Down Gate Mural for Gerber

American Standard Cartoon Graffiti

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For the newly opened Mod Pizza location in Riverside, California we created some street art using repeat stencils on the exterior of their store.  It ended up being a very colorful and fun mural.  This one was painted on vinyl that was applied to the store’s windows so that it could be removed if needed in the future.  You can check it out the piece at Arlington Plaza (3444 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92506)

riverside graffiti

california street artist

california street art

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Graffiti USA offers some of the top graffiti & street artists for hire in the Denver, Colorado area.  We also work in nearby cities such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins & Lakewood.  We have worked on past mural projects as advertisements, office decor, team building workshops and commercial/residential installations.  Our local artists have years of experience and understand how to make our clients’ visions come to life!  Check out some examples of artwork in Denver below:

Custom Mural Canvas by local artist Voice:

Denver Mural Design by Voice

Adult Swim Advertisement for Childrens Hospital by local artist Jolt:

Jolt Denver Colorado Advertisement Mural

PBR Artist Mural by local artist Jolt:

Famous Graffiti Artist Jolt

Pax Advertisement Artist Mural by local artist Jolt:

Pax Ad Mural by Jolt in Colorado

Graffiti Collage by Jolt:

Jolt Graffiti Letters Collage - Colorado

Inspire Mural by Chris Haven:

Graffiti Design by Haven in CO

Wheat Paste Street Art Installations:

Wheat Paste Artist in Denver

Steve Jobs Mural Portrait by Haven:

Appel Steve Jobs Mural in Denver

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Graffiti USA works with several local artists in the Bay Area. Our projects have consisted of everything from corporate offices in Silicon Valley to live art in San Francisco & Oakland area.  Our most popular services include business/residential murals, interactive live art, and graffiti workshops.  We are known for our efficiency and cleanliness in installing murals into offices that are already moved in.  Contact us for your San Francisco graffiti/street art project today!

Live artwork for a Strongview company event at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, CA:

San Francisco Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Mural at the Nvidia headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA:

Nvidia Graffiti Mural

Live Artwork for the Bay to Breakers Marathon in San Francisco, CA

san francisco graffiti artist

Live painting for Under Armour in San Francisco:

san francisco graffiti artist

san francisco graffiti artist

Office Mural for Bizness Apps in Silicon Valley

Bizness Apps Office Mural

Bizness Apps Office Mural

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One of our biggest markets with local artists and clients is Chicago, IL. We have local artists available for all kinds of commission work. We have done past projects everywhere from downtown to Logan Square to nearby areas like Naperville. Some of the products we offer include interior and exterior street art installations, live painting for events, interactive workshops and commercial/residential murals as well. Check out some examples of past jobs in the Chicago area.

A mural for Emporium Arcade Bar in Logan Square in Chicago

chicago graffiti artist for hire

Live event for Kargo at Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken where we built a phone case wall that people could take away as gifts after the event!

kargo holiday party graffiti

Live artwork for Shea Moisture at a pop-up convention/event in Chicago, IL

Chicago Mural Artist For Hire

A Mural by a local Chicago graffiti artist for the national A Tribe Called Quest album release promotion.

A Tribe Called Quest Graffiti - Epic Records - Amuse126

Various murals for local businesses in Chicago, IL

Chicago Graffiti Artist For Hire - Amuse126

Chicago Graffiti Artist For Hire - Amuse126

Chicago Graffiti Artist For Hire - Amuse126

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Graffiti USA represents the top graffiti & street artists based in Birmingham, AL. Our artists are available to travel throughout the state and nearby cities including Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Mobile & Jackson, MS. Our services include interior and exterior mural installations, corporate workshops & team building, design & illustration as well as live art as entertainment for events. Check out some examples below of projects from our local artists:

Birmingham AL Graffiti Artist for Hire

Birmingham AL Street Artist

Alamaba Street Artist

Birmingham AL Graffiti Artist for Hire

Birmingham AL Graffiti Artist for Hire

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Graffiti USA provides the top graffiti and street artists in the Miami, Florida area. While tons of artists come into town for events like Art Basel in Wynwood, our Miami artists are local with deep roots in the community. Services we provide include interior and exterior large scale mural installations, live artwork as entertainment for events, graffiti workshops for corporate team building, residential and business decor. We have the most professional and reliable artists to get the job done. Check out some of the past work from our Miami artists below:

Miami Graffiti Artist for Hire

Miami Street Artist for Hire

Miami Street Artist for Hire

Miami Vice Indoor Mural

Miami Street Artist for Hire

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