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We collaborated with Vox Media to create a live graffiti mural at the Code Conference 2017 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. For this piece, we created some artwork with their tag line of “Go Deeper” on a 8′ ft x 8′ ft freestanding canvas.

The annual invitation-only Code Conference brings together a global community of the biggest names in the business, executive leaders and startups with bright futures for networking and in-depth conversations about the current and future impact of digital technology. (

Check out some images of the artwork below:

Graffiti Performance Art in LA

Go Deeper Vox Media Mural

Graffiti Performance Art in LA

Artist Creating Live Mural at Code Con 2017

Graffiti Performance Art in LA

California Conference Graffiti Art

Graffiti Performance Art in LA

Graffiti Mural at Code Con 2017

Graffiti Performance Art in LA

Graffiti Art Performance in Rancho Palos Verdes

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Graffiti USA creates interactive graffiti art that you are supposed to touch and play with! We are glad to once again partner with New Balance for the 2017 Brooklyn Half Marathon. For this year’s Pre-Party and badge pick up, we setup an interactive sound mural at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The “Welcome To Brooklyn” artwork provided a great photo op for the runners. Everyone one from kids to adults loved playing with the mural to create their own music. Touch points on the mural triggered different sound samples. See a past graffiti piece we did that shows how this process works.

Check out a video of this year’s event/mural below:

Interactive Sound Mural Graffiti

Welcome to Brooklyn Mural for New Balance

Interactive Sound Mural Graffiti

Kids Having Fun With The Interactive Mural

Interactive Sound Mural Graffiti

Artwork that you are supposed to touch!

Interactive Sound Mural Graffiti

Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre-Party

Interactive Sound Mural Graffiti

Interactive Sound Mural for New Balance

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We created some free-styled live graffiti artwork for Char Broil events in San Francisco and New York City. Just in time for the grilling season this summer, we partnered with Char Broil and All Terrain on the activations at steakhouses where our artists painted pieces featuring the client’s products using water based spray paint. The client gave us a color palette to work with and then trusted us to do what we do best! The canvases were freestanding 4′ x 8′ ft panels that were painted very quickly in about 2 hours. Check out images of the artists in action and completed pieces from both cities below:

Live Artwork in San Francisco at Epic Steak

Char Broil Live Graffiti Art

San Francisco Live Art for Char Broil

Painting Live BBQ Art in SF

BBQ Grill Graffiti

Char Broil SF Completed Canvas

Live Graffiti Art Canvas Completed in San Francisco

Live Graffiti art at Pier A in New York City

NYC Skyline Char Broil Activation

NYC Skyline Char Broil Activation

Casey Painting Char Broil Canvas

Artist Painting Live Graffiti Art in NYC

NYC Char Broil Graffiti Canvas

NYC Char Broil Graffiti Canvas

Photo Photo of Completed Canvas

Photo of Completed Canvas

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We created live graffiti style artwork using airbrush in Austin, New York City and Los Angeles for Tahona Society events in collaboration with Altos Tequila.  The Tahona Society is a global network of passionate Bartenders that sets out to recognize and celebrate the ancient art of true Tequila production.

“Flavors, smells, passion, FUN.  These are a few words used by contending bartenders to describe “The Tahona Sociey” event. A cocktail competition created in 2010 by Altos Tequila that goes beyond the mere contest and stands for that which its name declares: a society of bartenders that comes together every year from local competitions to share their skills and knowledge during a week of hard work and key learnings. A week that also gives them the opportunity to know and comprehend Mexico from a very particular point of view: its traditional food and flavors.” (Altos Website)

For the artwork we created, the client created a wall made up of white bandanas with their logo on in it.  Our artists created murals with the themes of sustainability with Mexican folk art inspiration.  After the murals were completed, attendees got to take the headbands off the wall which were each transformed into unique abstract pieces.  Check out some images from the work in multiple cities below:

Brooklyn, NY Event:

New York Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Completed Airbrush Mural in Brooklyn, NY

New York Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Bandana Canvas Wall in Brooklyn, NY

New York Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Artist creating the Airbrush mural in Brooklyn, NY

Austin, TX Event:

Austin Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Austin, TX Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Austin Live Airbrush Graffiti Mural

Completed Airbrush Mural in Austin, TX

Los Angeles, CA Event:

LA Live Airbrush Artist for Hire

Completed Airbrush Mural in Los Angeles, CA

LA Live Airbrush Artist for Hire

Live Airbrush Mural on Bandanas at Los Angeles Event

Completed LA Airbrush Mural

Completed LA Airbrush Mural

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We worked with Boohoo on a live customization project for their festival gifting suite at The Mondrian in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. At the event, we spray painted the back of custom denim jackets for attendees on denim jackets provided by the client. Our LA themed stencil designs and custom graffiti names were a big hit with long lines waiting for customization. Check out some of the completed pieces below:

LA Graffiti Customization

Completed Custom Denim

Nat Denim Jacket

LA Event Custom Denim for Nat

LA Custom Graffiti Artist - Denim Jackets

Custom Denim Tag for Kween

LA Custom Graffiti Artist - Denim Jackets

Black Denim Jacket for Bri

LA Custom Graffiti Artist - Denim Jackets

Modeling Completed Denim Jackets

LA Custom Graffiti Artist - Denim Jackets

Polaroid of Custom Denim Jackets

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Using the latest in Virtual Reality technology, we can create real time digital graffiti artwork while onlookers watch the process at your event. Our graffiti & street artists are all trained to use this VR technology to create virtual graffiti & street art. While our artists are professional spray paint artists in real life, they also specialize in using this technology to create live art without the mess and fumes from regular spray paint.

During your event, We would project a large image of the artwork being created. Some options would also include an additional VR headset for the audience to watch in a virtual environment from a third person point of view. There are options to save the work and replay a time lapse video of each piece created.

There are many different environments that we can paint on including brick walls, freight trains, trucks, rooftops, etc.

We also offer interactive options of allowing people to try painting graffiti artwork themselves without the worry of getting paint on themselves and having to wear protective gear.

– 10 x 10 ft. Footprint
– Electric outlets
– Ideally indoor venues or covered
– Darker environments are always ideal
– Wi-fi connection

Google Live Digital Graffiti

Creating a Google Logo in VR

Live Interactive Digital Graffiti

VR Graffiti Art

Virtual Reality Live Art Painting

Virtual Reality Live Art for Events

VR Headset - Digital Graffiti Technology

VR Headset – Digital Graffiti Technology

VR Headset - Digital Graffiti Technology

Live Digital Spray Paint Art

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We created a fun and interactive live street art piece for a Bare Minerals event in Chicago, IL.  This was a similar concept we have done for an event at Yahoo using Phone cases as well as Acid Cigarillos with larger canvases in the past. For this event, we affixed several small canvases onto a large 8×8 temporary wall using velcro. Our Chicago graffiti artist painted an abstract image of lips with repeating stencils layered across the entire wall. This happened live while using water based spray paint with low odor since it was an indoor event.

Bare Minerals Banner

Bare Minerals Banner

Bare Minerals Blank Canvases

Canvas Giveaway Art

Close up Shot of Painted Canvases

Detail of Canvases

Chicago Lips Street Art

Abstract Lips

Stencil Art Across Canvases

Stencil Art Across Canvases

After the artwork was completed, attendees got to take home an abstract piece of art that made up the larger piece! It was a great way to do giveaways and the element of live art together.  Everyone was picking their favorite colors and most interesting pieces.  Our artist also signed a bunch of the canvases for the audience as well.

Taking Free Art from the Lip Mural wall for Bare Minerals

Taking Free Art

Chicago Gift Canvases

Chicago Gift Canvases

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We worked with Fusion MD to create some live art during the CHEST 2016 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.  The event was to discuss and raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis (NCFB.)  At the event, our artist created a live piece behind the scenes based on patient discussions.  None of the audience members knew there was an artist behind a curtain painting the graffiti style art live.  For this project, rather than spray paint, the artist used brush and acrylics since it was an indoor event.  After the panel, the curtain opened to reveal a completed piece.  Our artist left a border around the artwork for the audience and patients to sign.  The street art piece was then used to create prints to be distributed to the audience members.  Check out some photos of the completed artwork below:

Helping Patients with Art

Graffiti for Medicine

Completed Pharma Event Art

Pharma Event Artwork

Graffiti Art on Canvas for Fusion MD

Live Art on Canvas

Fusion MD Live Artist

Guy Ellis Live Art for Fusion MD

Patients Signing Artwork

Patients Sign Artwork

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Our sister company Klughaus recently partnered with the One Thousand Birds Interactive team to create an interactive mural for an investment company called Lyrical Asset Management.  For this project, Seb Gorey created some artwork in collaboration with the technology provided by OTBi to create a piece that triggers sounds from a built in speaker in the canvas.  The video below illustrates the painting process along with the finished product. Check out how people can use the mural as an instrument itself to compose their own music in real time!

This is an awesome product that merges technology with art and provides an interactive element for events.  The OTBi technology can have many applications including music festivals, live events, trade shows, and decor for offices.  There are many customizable functions including changing the output to external speakers, sound samples, the numbers of sensors and size of the canvas.  Contact us if you have any questions and have interest in creating a sound mural together!

Below are some images of the completed mural for this project by Seb Gorey. Note that we can apply all the different styles in our portfolio for this interactive sound mural product as well.

Mural detail for interactive art

Make live music through mural

Interactive touch mural

More about the client:

“At Lyrical Asset Management, we are fundamental value investors. The combination of value investing with quality and analyzability distinguishes the Lyrical investment program. We believe our hallmarks – value, quality, and analyzability – create a resiliency in our portfolios. Our sole aim in crafting our investment program is to maximize long-term investment returns. Lyrical employs a repeatable process to identify undervalued securities. We believe we have engineered our investment program to create the greatest likelihood of success.” – Lyrical Asset Management Website

Here’s some more screen grabs from the video above of the interactive element of someone touching the mural to trigger sounds and create music:

Mural Sound Art - Interactive

OTBi trigger sounds on mural

For sound mural project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024

We were honored to paint live graffiti art as a part of the Airbnb Open in DTLA back in November. As part of the event to promote Airbnb Experiences we created some live street art as an example of what one Miami graffiti artist host may offer. One of our artist created custom graffiti name badges for guests while another artist created live paintings each day of the event.

The event included 3 days of guest speakers including celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow & Ashton Kutcher.  The event ended with a celebration called Open Spotlight which included a concert featuring bands like Best Coast, Maroon 5 along with a guest appearance by Lady Gaga!

Check out some photos of the live art from the event below:

live graffiti artists in dtla

live graffiti artists in la

live graffiti art for airbnb open la

live street artist for hire

dtla live street art

la graffiti artist for hire

los angeles graffiti artist

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