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When L’Oreal needed an authentic graffiti backdrop to outfit their newly revamped office space, they knew just the right team to partner with. The Graffiti USA team was tasked with creating a piece that spoke of the distribution side of their business while also acknowledging and interacting with some of the space’s unique quirks and textures. The mural tells their story while serving as an inspirational background for their team and captivates guests to their facility. We especially enjoyed having our artwork incorporated in the roof skyline fabrication they provided. Always appreciate working with a creative bunch-Peep the photos!

New Jersey office graffiti panoramic

New Jersey office graffiti Beauty for All

New Jersey office graffiti Consumer Needs

New Jersey office graffiti Brooklyn Bridge

New Jersey office graffiti subway line

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We were recently approached by a very close knit team of co-workers at Trifecta Clinical to help create a tribute mural for the head of their IT department who had recently passed away.  This was an amazing gesture and we were honored to help pay tribute to Roger Chou. While we are used to painting memorials on the street, this is the first one done within a corporate office.  Check out the completed tribute piece below.

Los Angeles Trifecta graffiti tribute

Los Angeles Trifecta graffiti tribute

“We are a global leader and a trusted partner with decades of experience in clinical trial technology solutions. From accelerating study start up for trials of all sizes to organizing and distributing all critical training and safety data, Trifecta offers a fully integrated, totally comprehensive platform built from the ground up. And through it, we consistently deliver more trial and less error across an entire portfolio of studies.” Trifecta Clinical

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We created this studio installation for a repeat client after installing an abstract piece at his residence. The client was extremely pleased with our artist’s work in creating a vibrant and sophisticated piece of artwork for his home, that he trusted our experience and talent in executing a custom piece with a new style and direction for his studio. Inspired by cyclist Greg Lemonds and the city of Paris, we created a more conceptual piece of work while still pulling in abstract design elements we used in his home. Both the client and artist were pleased with how little creative direction and artistic freedom led to two distinct pieces of timeless artwork that have subtle undertones in common with each other.

Minimal Street Art Mural

Street Art Cyclist

Bicycle Graffiti

Brooklyn Studio Street Art

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Spectrum Equity has a beautiful corporate office in their financial district overlooking Boston. They invited us to create a custom mural on an interesting curved wall. The theme of the piece was to integrate iconic landmarks of San Francisco and Boston, which is where their two main offices are located. Our talented in-house artist Casey Bolding worked with their team on creating a custom design for the wall space. We created a piece that worked with their clean and modern space. It was a bit of a challenge to work on a curved wall but we were very happy with the end results!

Spectrum Equity is a leading growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support to innovative Internet, software and information services companies. For over 20 years, we have partnered with high growth companies across the information economy. We are currently investing the firm’s seventh fund with $1 billion in capital. (

Check out some of the install photos below along with a full shot that we were able to stitch together:

Boston Graffiti Art Mural

Corporate Office Street Art

Spectrum Equity Mural

Spectrum Equity Mural

SF Bridge Mural Boston, MA

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We designed and painted a mural for the office in New York City.  For this project, we took the client’s direction and came up with a design that featured some of their company’s values. The mural was created in their break room to add some color/excitement to the office space. The employees loved the work and it made an otherwise boring wall come to life as a conversation piece. We also hand painted their mission statement on a different wall as part of this project.

Booker is an all-in-one local service commerce platform.We help business owners grow their customer base, book appointments, process payments, manage employees, and build long-term client relationships.We enable our clients to get a complete view of their entire business in one place.

See some of the completed work below:

Painted Mural in Corporate Office

Mission Statement Hand Painted Office Mural in NYC

Detail Hand Painted Logo

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We recently created a graffiti mural in the new USA office in Chicago, IL. For this piece, we referenced the classic large letter postcard style but added a bit of a modern graffiti twist to the main lettering. Within the letters, we painted some iconic imagery of Chicago including the El, Blackhawks, Bean Sculpture, Chicago Skyline, Chicago Theater and last but not least a Chicago Hot Dog! We also used some colors to tie the piece into some of the furniture and light fixtures in the space. Check out some images of the final piece below along with some detail shots:

Chicago Office Mural

Mural in Chicago Office

Chicago Mural Detail

Chicago Theater Graffiti

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We worked with Precision For Value to create an New York City themed mural across an interesting an challenging space in their office across multiple window wells. In this mural, we played with the theme of the NYC subway system along with some iconic New York imagery such as the Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Check out some images of the completed mural below:

Office Mural in New York City

New York City Office Graffiti Mural

Office Graffiti Mural Artists for Hire

Employees at the PFV Agency Office Mural

Office Graffiti Mural Artists for Hire

Statue of Liberty Detail

Office Graffiti Mural Artists for Hire

NYC Subway Graffiti Mural

Office Graffiti Mural Artists for Hire

Graffiti Painted on Subways Painted in an Office in NYC

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A mural spray painted onto exposed brick for the Silicon Valley Bank new office in New York City. While we have done tons of mural with cliche NYC skylines, the client was open to our creative vision of creating more iconic imagery from a native New Yorker’s point of view. We can only paint so many Statue of Liberty and Empire State Buildings before it gets repetitive! Everyone was very happy with the end results of this project.

The process of painting on exposed brick is not as simple as spray painting on it as it requires a base coat of latex paint as a primer so that the raw brick doesn’t soak up all the paint. This way, the final design looks very opaque and crispy. Our artist also used low odor water based spray paint since it was created indoors. We took some direction on text from the client incorporating their color scheme and tag line “Make Next Happen Now.” Check out the completed mural below.

NY Corporate Office Murals

Street Art at Silicon Valley Bank Office in NYC

Office Graffiti Mural Artist for Hire

Meeting Room Graffiti Mural with Exposed Brick

Office Graffiti Mural Artist for Hire

Make Next Happen Now

Office Graffiti Mural Artist for Hire

Mural in Corporate Office Space

Office Graffiti Mural Artist for Hire

Spray Painted Mural on Exposed Brick

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We worked with GE a while back on a custom canvas and recently got invited to help create a custom piece for their New York City office space.  Giving a plain office some dynamic color to brighten up the atmosphere is our specialty at Graffiti USA!  We worked with the GE team to create some artwork that worked with their branding for approval.

When using spray paint for indoors graffiti and street art, we always go beyond with protection to ensure no overspray ends up anywhere it should not.  In this case, we built a temporary bubble using plastic and enclosed the space during the installation.

Two walls were painted as part of this commission.  The first wall incorporated the NYC subway map and the GE logo in silver spray paint.  The second wall featured the iconic “I Love NY” phrase with several New York City elements hidden throughout the wall.

Check out some photos of the completed installation below:

GE Mirror Reflection

Mirror Reflection

GE Office Mural in NYC

I Love NY Hallway

Subway Map Graffiti

Graffiti Mural Subway

NY Skyline Mural for GE

GE Skyline Mural

Office Space Graffiti GE

Street Art in Office

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Graffiti USA works with several local artists in the Bay Area. Our projects have consisted of everything from corporate offices in Silicon Valley to live art in San Francisco & Oakland area.  Our most popular services include business/residential murals, interactive live art, and graffiti workshops.  We are known for our efficiency and cleanliness in installing murals into offices that are already moved in.  Contact us for your San Francisco graffiti/street art project today!

Live artwork for a Strongview company event at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, CA:

San Francisco Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Mural at the Nvidia headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA:

Nvidia Graffiti Mural

Live Artwork for the Bay to Breakers Marathon in San Francisco, CA

san francisco graffiti artist

Live painting for Under Armour in San Francisco:

san francisco graffiti artist

san francisco graffiti artist

Office Mural for Bizness Apps in Silicon Valley

Bizness Apps Office Mural

Bizness Apps Office Mural

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