Our artists took a trip out to Las Vegas for the 2017 JBL Fest for a live art battle/activation. Our artists spray painted on custom wrapped Toyota Camry’s for the event.  The artists had 4 hours to freestyle their artwork and completely cover the vehicles in the intense Vegas heat!  The artists got to curate their personal playlists for inspiration that were being played out of the JBL system in the vehicle.  The results were very impressive with the time frame that they had to work with.

JBL will team up with its top celebrity and athlete brand ambassadors from July 27-29 for an entire weekend of original performances and special events. From an exclusive concert with Demi Lovato and DNCE to the “JBL Platinum Party” hosted by Quincy Jones and “JBL Poolside Sounds of Summer” with NBA All Star Damian Lillard, and Russian musician Ivan Dorn and others, JBL FEST will immerse consumers and influencers in the brand’s 70 years of sound expertise. All this and much more is sure to make JBL Fest the musical event of the summer. 

Check out some of the work in progress and completed pieces below:

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To celebrate the opening of AEO‘s new store at Westfield Century City, we partnered with Jessica Fels Events to create a custom denim graffiti wall for photo ops! Bustle partnered with AEO on this event to also provide some live music, dancing, custom denim embroidery & DIY chokers, drinks and food.

The denim wall was custom built by our team and the patch artwork was hand painted with spray paint onto the denim fabric that the wall was wrapped in. If were are around in LA, you would have been able to check out wall for another week or so at the store. Tons of people got their photos taken in front of the piece and tagged it with #ICAN on social media.

AEO denim wall in LA

Denim Wall Activation in LA

Photo Op Denim Graffiti Wall

Custom Embroidery at AEO

Interactive Denim Wall

Denim Street Art Wall in LA

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At this year’s 2017 Siggraph Convention we partnered with Epic Games to demonstrate a new VR digital graffiti platform called Ghost Paint.  This app/game was amazing and it was awesome to create some spray painted artwork live without the mess and fumes of traditional paint.  It was really impressive how close it felt to using real spray paint.  The program also gives the option of using airbrush and getting very thin/detailed lines.

We’ve also done some Virtual Reality Digital Street Art in the past but with this particular program, they had set it up so that it was 1:1 with a large screen so that it didn’t require the headset to be worn.  A couple of audience members came by to try it out as well and picked it up pretty quickly.

SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques: Five days of research results, demos, educational sessions, art, screenings, and hands-on interactivity featuring the community’s latest technical achievements, and three days of commercial exhibits displaying the industry’s current hardware, software, and services.

Check out some of the impressive artwork by our live VR graffiti artist below:

VR Graffiti Activation in LA

Los Angeles Live Digital Art

Live Graffiti Art in VR

Digital Artwork Created in VR

Skull Graffiti Digital Art

Ghost Paint Demo LA

Dragon Mural in VR

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It’s always a great feeling to help out a non-profit with our graffiti mural services every now and then.  As part of a surprise makeover for the Joliet, IL Boys & Girls Club, we had a local artist come create an inspirational mural in their play room with the phrase “Reach For The Sky.”  We gave the artist creative freedom to come up with something and he did an amazing job.  Check out some photos of the completed mural with the new furniture below:

Joliet IL Graffiti Artist

Boys & Girls Club Mural

Joliet IL Inspirational Mural

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Out west in our Los Angeles studio, we recently painted a custom sculpture for UGG that was created out of the brand’s shoe boxes.  We also created a second graffiti mural set wall with the phrase “Fashion Baby” as part of this project.  Spray paint was the ideal medium to cover all the intricate angles of the sculpture and it was definitely a challenge! However, it all came together as a beautiful piece in the end!  In addition to the graffiti artwork, we provided video documentation for the client.  The pieces were used as a display piece at a conference and also photographed to be used as design elements for their products.  Check out the completed work below:

UGG Fashion Baby Graffiti

LA UGG Shoe Box Mural

UGG Fashion Baby Graffiti

UGG Shoe Box Sculpture

LA Mural - UGG Fashion Baby

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We designed and painted a mural for the Booker.com office in New York City.  For this project, we took the client’s direction and came up with a design that featured some of their company’s values. The mural was created in their break room to add some color/excitement to the office space. The employees loved the work and it made an otherwise boring wall come to life as a conversation piece. We also hand painted their mission statement on a different wall as part of this project.

Booker is an all-in-one local service commerce platform.We help business owners grow their customer base, book appointments, process payments, manage employees, and build long-term client relationships.We enable our clients to get a complete view of their entire business in one place.

See some of the completed work below:

Painted Mural in Corporate Office

Mission Statement Hand Painted

Booker.com Office Mural in NYC

Detail Hand Painted Logo

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We recently worked on this private commission for a residential backyard in New York City.  The client had some minor direction with the piece with color and imagery but then let the artist do what he does best!  The contrasting colorful piece did a great job in covering up the different wall textures/surfaces.  It certainly made their backyard a lot more fun/enjoyable as a center piece of discussion when they entertain.  (We always appreciate clients with knowledge of graffiti history who wanted us to incorporate some graffiti artist tributes into the piece!)  Check out some images of the completed mural below:

Backyard Residential Mural

Abstract Mural in Queens

Residential Graffiti Art Queens

Graffiti & Street Art Tributes

Artist Creating Queens Mural

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We recently created a graffiti mural in the new Booking.com USA office in Chicago, IL. For this piece, we referenced the classic large letter postcard style but added a bit of a modern graffiti twist to the main lettering. Within the letters, we painted some iconic imagery of Chicago including the El, Blackhawks, Bean Sculpture, Chicago Skyline, Chicago Theater and last but not least a Chicago Hot Dog! We also used some colors to tie the piece into some of the furniture and light fixtures in the space. Check out some images of the final piece below along with some detail shots:

Chicago Office Mural

Mural in Chicago Office

Chicago Mural Detail

Chicago Theater Graffiti

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We created an interactive graffiti mural for Andy Grammer‘s new single Give Love featuring Lunchmoney Lewis. The canvas was placed at the Arroyo Seco Festival in Pasadena, CA when Andy was performing. There were plenty of photo ops of festival goers interacting with the piece. The artwork featured a megaphone projecting “love” in a colorful burst of imagery. Check out images of the artwork and people interacting with the piece below:

Give Love Graffiti Mural

Interactive Mural at Festival

Andy Grammer in Pasadena

Social Media Mural

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We partnered with Sofia Crokos Events to create a custom canvas for a wedding in East Hampton, NY for a private client.  The bride & groom were big fans of graffiti & street art so we pieced together a lot of suggested imagery along with the wedding hashtag into this large 8×12 piece.  It was also used as a backdrop to the DJ booth and an accent piece on the dance floor!  Check out a photo of the completed piece below:

Hamptons Wedding Canvas

Graffiti Wedding Canvas

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