Seb Gorey was born in 1976 in Paris, France. Today, he is based in New York City working as an artist and designer focusing on overcoming the decay of our civilization. His work portrays the ingeniosity and versatility of human made recycling, englobing the end of industrial production and the revenge of nature. The main aspect of his production is the idea of stacking and coliding disparate elements to form unity. The traditional stylistic, rather figurative, approach depicts a post apocalyptic environment influenced by street culture in which the humans have survived.

In addition to his fine art production, Seb Gorey is the menswear fashion designer of the label Woolf Nyc and also works as an illustrator and graphic designer for the brand. Most recently, his work was featured in the Fall 2014 HUF lookbook.

Gorey has a unique technique to paint detailed images using spray paint that most artists would require using an airbrush to pull off. He is very flexible in all mediums and a great artist for live art installations.

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